7 reasons why we use Krav Maga exercises in our Stress Management Training
Written by Roelien Piron, October 2016
Mind5® uses self-defense and Krav Maga techniques to simulate stress and employs mindfulness techniques to teach participants to return to a balanced state and fully recover, thereby increasing resilience and performance under stress. While we are using Krav Maga as a basis for this experience, the outcomes and benefits are applicable in all situations in daily life.
  • Krav Maga is a great way to simulate dangerous life-threatening situations. This helps our participants experience what it is to feel acute stress. They will also understand, feel and experience that the brain has trouble understanding the difference between real danger and perceived danger.
  • With Krav Maga we can simulate the fight, flight or flee response, also called the acute stress response.
  • During Krav Maga Training you will experience how the body reacts to stress and danger.
  • ​With Krav Maga exercises we help you to bring your attention back to your main task. You'll experience that with any disturbing thought you will loose focus.
  • ​Krav Maga teaches us to improve our (situational) awareness. We learn how to prepare for and to anticipate possible dangerous situations.
  • ​Krav Maga teaches us how to stay calm and make the right decisions in a stressful situation.
  • ​While combining Krav Maga exercises with cognitive games, our participants will experience what fatigue does to your brains and how it influences decision making.

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