7 Signs YOU Might Be a Changemaker
July 2020 
1. You know what matters 

You know that pushing harder doesn’t necessarily lead to increased performance. You recognise the importance of taking a break, balancing your energy levels, and utilising stress to find an optimal performance level. 
2. You see a better way 

You see that the world we have created for ourselves isn’t as good as it could be. You sense that life, work, healthcare, education, politics and relationships could be so much better if we altered our paradigms. Rather than promoting a competitive mindset, we should encourage cooperation while still allowing space for individuals to excel using their own unique talents.  

3. You dig deeper by asking non-judgemental questions

You ask curious questions and try to get to the real reason. You’re not content with seeing only the surface. You want to know why things are happening and how you can positively influence these situations. 

4. You question AND find solutions 

You question what the rest of the world assumes. You’re not afraid to see things differently.  
At the same time, you are not someone who just complains or plays the victim - you think of solutions. You understand that not everyone is on the same wavelength and that it’s alright to disagree. You listen to other people’s point of view and recognise that change occurs in dialogue. 
5. You use your growth mindset

You know what works in theory, but are not afraid to use your brain to make things a success in practice. You adapt and overcome in order to do what’s right. There are no failures, there are only experiences. 

6. You see the bigger picture 

We need to cooperate to find solutions to complex issues. You celebrate the success of others, even those in the same business as you, because they have the same vision as you.
7. You dare to trust your gut feeling 

Change takes time and causes resistance. You know that short term discomfort is part of the process of creating long-term change for the better.

The world needs changemakers like you to step up!


Every decade has its challenges, but the challenges of the twenty first century are unique. If we do not address them, things will only get worse. If we carry on this way, never questioning how things are done, we will reach a point of no return. We seem to have forgotten what is important in life. And YOU can change this.

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