"Mind5® training helped me recover from a burnout"
Written by Lotte de Kleijn, October 2018
During my internship at Mind5® Training, I interview people that participated in the six-week Mind5® Training. They talk about how Mind5® helped them deal with their issues and what it meant to them. My first interview is with Froukje from Eindhoven. She just moved to a new home with her family, but despite that she is willing to answer my questions. I call her while she is having a break from all the moving madness.
How did you get in contact with Mind5®?
“I saw an advertisement on Facebook and I thought it would be a good fit for me."
Why did you join Mind5® training?
“At that time, I was at home facing a burn out. The combination of physical and mental challenges really intrigued me, and I wondered if this could help me with my recovery.”
Where did you participate in the Mind5® Training and who was your trainer?
“In Eindhoven, my trainer was Roelien herself! I was one of the first fans, I think.” 
Did you participate in a group training or was it just you and Roelien?
“In a group, I believe we were with twelve people. I can’t remember it exactly, but it was more than six!” 
Are you satisfied with the way Roelien approached you and the other people in the group? Did you feel that you received enough personal attention? 
“Yes, absolutely, I think Roelien is a wonderful person. She knows a lot about sports, but also about the underlying processes that occur in this training. She has a great personality and she is always very observant. Every participant in this training has their own motives to be there, and some moments were really confronting to me. Roelien saw that; she handled it very well and she supported me when I needed it. So that was really great!” 
You already mentioned that some moments were really confronting to you. Were there any other findings you discovered about yourself during the training?
“I was really proud to be there in the first place, it was a victory for me to go to this training every week. I was, and I still am, someone who asks a lot of herself and always reaches for the best; the typical things that are related to a burn out. Every time I was there, it was a victory. I was proud of myself and said: ‘Yes, I did it and I guarded my boundaries today!’
After every training, I went home feeling satisfied and happy about exercising that day because I didn’t get much exercise during that time. I wanted to exercise more, but I didn’t really know how to start. The gym just wasn’t for me. One thing I enjoyed most about Mind5® Training was that everyone starts as a stranger, in comparison to the gym I went to. In the gym, you often join a group or you participate in different classes every day. With Mind5® Training, everyone starts at the same time and most people don’t know each other, so you really start to feel like a group. 
That was very enjoyable to me; the fact that everyone starts from the bottom and you’re new to each other instead of joining an already established group that has been together for years. In that time, I also didn’t feel like trying to be a part of an existing group.”
Fair enough. Everyone has of course different reasons to be there so that’s very special.
“Yes, exactly. In my training group, there was a comfortable atmosphere and everyone was very respectful to one another. Everyone was free to show their vulnerabilities without having to be afraid to be judged by anyone. Not that it was one big crying fest, absolutely not! It was mostly exercising with a hint of competition. Maybe I was the most emotional one of the group, but I never felt uncomfortable showing my feelings.” 
So as I understand it, you feel like Mind5® has helped you deal with your issues at that time?
To what extent do you use the skills that you learned during the Mind5® Training in your daily life? 
“There are a few moments and sentences that really stood by me. One of them was that I learned that I don’t always have to give one hundred percent. You can’t do everything at full strength, you just have to choose your battles. That is an important lesson regarding energy management; when to give a hundred percent and when do I take a step back. So that is something I truly learned. 
I also learned to guard my boundaries; It’s okay to say no, and I’m allowed to take my personal space whenever I need that. Stress management and dealing with stress is one thing I’m still developing, but I’m getting better and better in applying that in my daily life. Mornings, for example, are always very chaotic for me because I have to get my children to school on time” 
Which training made the biggest impression on you?
“Especially the ones that were very emotional and confronting for me. These emotions were so intense and I wondered why that could be. It was like looking in a giant mirror and I couldn’t look away.”
But there wasn’t one training that stood above all the other ones, like the energy management training for example?
“Especially that training where we had to guard our boundaries was very confronting, but that one was also fun because I love martial arts so much. The last training of the series was also a lot of fun because it reminded me of Expeditie Robinson with all the physical and mental challenges and the puzzles we had to solve.” 
I’m currently participating in a Mind5® six-week training myself, so I’m very curious about that last training! 
“Every training was a lot of fun. They were all very different, yet amazing. There wasn’t one training where I thought like: ‘No, this is just not for me’. They were all great and I learned new stuff every time. Sometimes we received homework in the form of email, but I just couldn’t get myself to do that. I was always looking forward to the training.” 
If someone asked you to summarise what Mind5® is, what would you say?
“Mind5® is a safe environment where you work on achieving your personal goals with like-minded people, despite the differences between everyone. So it’s focused on you personally, but you work together in a group.
You’ll be challenged, physically and mentally. There are also a lot of layers, and by that I mean that you can determine how deeply you throw yourself into it. It’s just like an onion, and if you want, you can really experience true self-reflection and self-awareness. And if you’re not particularly looking for that approach, you still have a kick-ass training!”

Could you describe what Mind5® has meant for you?
“Mind5® really contributed to my recovery from burn out. I really support Mind5® and Roelien, I’m a big fan!
I’m really confident about the mission and potential of Mind5®. I think Mind5® can really touch peoples lives, and not only people with burn out or stress but for everyone.
It’s just very special how this combination of the mental challenges, the scientifically proven theories and the physical labor just works. Everyone trains at his own intensity level so it doesn’t matter if you’re a sports pro or a rookie. The exercises are specially developed so that everyone can participate. I think Mind5® could just get really big!” 
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Do you want to dive a little deeper into the Mind5 M.E.T.H.O.D. and the Optimal Performance Leader Program?
Leave your email address and receive a white paper and a free 25 minute training session. 

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