Mind5® + Business

Want to make a change within your organisation? Try one of our tailor made programmes!


By working together we can create the perfect programme for you and your organisation. How?  By understanding the culture, adapting our unique method, and working with an inside view.  No two people are the same - and neither are two organisations! 

Your Programme 

Together, we will design a tailor made version of our Optimal Performance Leader programme especially for you.  It will be based on our proven Mind5® M.E.T.H.O.D.© and will include content adjusted towards your goals. 

We will work using our own blended learning programme, combining online and offline training, as well as additional online coaching, access to a community of changemakers, and regular inspirational sessions.

Working with a professional team of learning & development experts, we provide a combination of experience, reflection, theory and development to ensure maximum impact. 

What's included?

- A custom-made version of OPL 3

- Access to our online platform and insight into the Mind5® M.E.T.H.O.D.©

- Access to a community of like minded changemakers 

- Invitation to regular inspirational calls designed to maintain consistent progress

- The potential for face to face workshops to keep you on track

What can we achieve together?  

Whatever your objectives are!  By working together to create the right conditions, we can spark the change you are looking for.  This might include:

- A healthy and motivated workforce.

- Leaders who are able to perform under pressure. 

- Leaders who are able to recognise patterns in human behaviour and take responsibility in time.

- Leaders who understand, know and feel how to change culture and behaviour, even when they are under pressure. 

- A full understanding of which interventions will work for which people under particular conditions.

- An organisation which leads by example. 

Why does it work?

Your tailor made programme will be based on our unique Mind5® M.E.T.H.O.D.© which has proven to be effective with a huge range of target groups. 

We believe that the best way to learn is through experiential learning .  Through hands on experience you will be guided towards greater self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and optimal performance. 

Why train emotional intelligence? 

Lots of reasons.  But mainly because emotionally intelligent leaders and organisations:

- Understand the needs of their employees

- Create a physically and mentally safe work culture

- Make use of people’s unique talents and abilities

- Adapt better to change and thrive under pressure

- Are seen as examples in the industry 

- And have loyal employees who dare to take responsibility

Do you want to know how we can help your organisation? Contact us and to discuss how we can help every member of your team achieve their optimal performance level!