How Mind5™ can help your organization
Business games, team training, stress management, leadership
Mind5™ uses sports and mental training to help people deal better with stress, pressure and crisis situations and improve their mental and physical fitness levels.

In all training courses and workshops we fully integrate sports, mindfulness, cognitive training, team play and moments of theory and reflection.

We use different kinds of sports such as martial arts, bootcamp, cross training, functional movement, endurance sports combined with elements and techniques from sports psychology and mindfulness to help people improve their self-awareness and self-management skills.

We provide workshops, team training, business games and six weeks courses to help clients:
  • Deal better with stress, pressure and crisis situation and thrive under pressure
  •  Increase energy levels and plan peak performance
  •  Improve focus, priority setting and assertiveness
  •  Stimulate creative and strategic thinking while performing under pressure
  •  Work well in (different) team settings
  •  Understand patterns in one’s own behavior
  •  Understand patterns within teams and other social institutions
  •  Improve leadership skills
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Research has shown that both mindfulness and sports are great ways to improve mental and physical health, increase resilience, reduce stress levels and increase focus.

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Business games, team training, stress management
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