How Mind5™ can help your organization
Business games, team training, stress management, leadership
Mind5™ uses sports and mental training to help people find optimal performance level and improve their personal leadership skills.
In all our training courses and workshops we fully integrate sports, mindset training, cognitive training, team play exercises, scientific theory and moments of reflection.

We can provide one workshop, a tailor-made program of three months or a leadership vitality program which may take six months to a year.

In our workshops, team trainings, business games, tailor-made games en training courses we help our clients with the following challenges:
  • Deal better with stress, pressure and crisis situations
  •  Increase energy level and optimal performance level 
  •  Improve goal setting, focus, assertiveness and priority setting skills
  •  Improve creative, strategic and analytical thinking under (time) pressure
  •  Perform better as a team
  •  Provide insight in behavioral patterns and improve self-awareness and personal leadership skills
  •  Provide insight in behavioral patterns within team structures
  •  Improve leadership skills

We always start with an extensive brainstorm with our clients, in which we gain more insight into the current situation and the desired situation. Depending on your goals, wishes and available time, we organize a workshop, a customized game or a vitality program.
We use our self-developed Mind5™ M.E.T.H.O.D.© for all training courses.

Goals and objectives

We observe individual team members within the group during the mental and physical training. The trainers (possibly with support from our performance psychologist) see more than you think! We provide insight in behavioral patterns, notice who is willing to get out of the comfort zone and push limits, analyze leadership skills and see how your team performs under pressure.
During the moments of reflection, the participants learn to observe and analyze their own behavior with the aim of improving their self-awareness, vitality and personal leadership skilss.


The workshops can vary from two to six hours. We also offer vitality programs and individual coaching, these processes take at least 6 weeks.

Intensity level and target group

The intensity of the training can vary from very intensive to moderately intensive. Sports clothing is recommended, but we can also provide workshops when people wear business casual clothing.
The Mind5 Training is suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels, there is no competitive element in our training programs.

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