Case studies

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Mark (UK)

I have always learned much better through experience and I’ve always enjoyed being active and outdoors. Therefore, Mind5 provided the perfect opportunity for me to share these passions with others and help them achieve happier, healthier lives.”

Mark in the UK uses the Mind5® M.E.T.H.O.D.© to help fellow teachers improve their work-life balance and hopes that a more hands-on approach to will help other professionals manage stress and achieve optimal performance.

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Sarah (UK)

"For me, Mind5 is the link between the mind and the body ... it is a great reminder of the importance of taking time out in places that recharge you."

Sarah in the UK uses the Mind5® M.E.T.H.O.D.© in her work with elite athletes and managers. Right now she is helping people who are suffering from burnout or stress to realise the impact this has on their performance, and why.

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Bever - Custom Game for Store Management
Bever had recently hired a new regional manager, responsible for improving cooperation between the company’s stores. The new regional manager was looking for someone who could create a game in which managers and assistant managers, eighty people in total, were made aware of the importance of collaboration between different stores and areas of the business. The game they sought was intended to be used within manager meetings as a way to send Bever upon a new course. 

Mind5® proposed the creation of a unique sports-based game in which daily store activities were simulated through sports, coordinative assignments and cognitive exercises. At Bever's request, we integrated elements which would help participants to:
  • ​Stimulate collaboration between stores in the area
  • ​Consider both individual goals and team goals
  • ​Perform multiple complex tasks simultaneously under mental, physical and time pressure
  • ​Improve cooperation under such pressures 
  • ​Recognize and use their unique talents
  • ​Improve communication and collaboration
  • ​Respond to unexpected situations - such as staff changes
The collaboration between Bever and Mind5® was intensive. To be able to match the game exactly with practice, we collaborated extensively with a regional manager, store manager, strategic adviser and HR manager from Bever.
Additionally, we trained four HR managers prior to the game, so that they could assist our five trainers with both the game and subsequent reflection, as well as safeguard what was learned by the organisation. 

After the game was complete, participants discussed their experiences and reflected upon the outcomes of the game under the guidance of our Mind5® trainers. The (assistant) store managers spoke about their own roles as employees, the cooperation between market areas, and the challenges they encounter on a day to day basis. 

This gave Bever’s head office insight into the challenged faces by its management whilst generating support for new plans to stimulate collaboration between the company’s market areas.  

On average, the store managers and assistant store managers rated the game with an 8.5.
TKP Pensioen - Full Mind5® Process for Trainees
TKP Pensioen - a subsidiary of Aegon - started its own trainee program in 2018. Based in Groningen, TKP Pensioen attaches great importance to the wellbeing of its employees. Both the team manager and HR managers wanted to prepare trainees well for their careers within the company and saw Mind5® as the ideal partner in providing a complete stress management and personal leadership training. 

As a result, over a period of three months Mind5® provided three different workshops in which the following topics were discussed:

After each workshop, the trainees received a summary and assignments for the coming weeks; there was also feedback with the team manager and HR manager after each session. When the first training showed that the trainees did not experience much stress at work, immediate action was taken by the team manager and all trainees discussed how they could be challenged more at work. TKP was open to feedback and used the insights gained during the Mind5® training to immediately improve the traineeship.

Mind5® made use of sports activities, practical examples, theoretical foundations and group discussions to leave trainees satisfied with both the traineeship and the Mind5® course. One trainee was so impressed they wrote that the programme was:
“Very concrete and fun! And not as vague as the other leadership training I have had in the past.”
Feve - Stress Management Training & Business Game for Management Team
Adeline Farrelly, the Secretary General of FEVE (based in Brussels), wanted to thank her Management Team for the excellent results of the past year. She wasn't that sporty herself, but she knew that a Mind5® Training programme would be a fantastic opportunity for her team. She thought that a combination of team training, stress management and a business game would suit her team well.  
The international team of FEVE travelled with a private driver to the Land van Maas and Waal to undertake a Mind5® Training programme on the survival course at Storm Outdoor.

The FEVE team started with stress management training and learned about the influence stress and pressure has on team performance. Subsequently, participants paired up and each pair became responsible for the running of a hypothetical company in the sports sector.

Every company could earn strategic tools by performing physical work on the survival track. But not all strategic tools were equally expensive. The most beneficial tools, such as rolling out a complete marketing plan, were more expensive than the less impactful tools – a social media campaign, for example.  
Under time pressure and physical fatigue, deliberation on smart and efficient choices was required. In addition, it was of great importance that each team member played a role within the team and that the tasks were efficiently distributed.

Adeline Farrelly writes that the training was:  “A truly memorable team building day. The first survival course training we had been on and Mind5® made sure it was tough and fast moving but still suited to each of us individually. 

The business game was great fun and a wonderful proxy for how much effort you are willing to invest to take your business to the next level!

Thank you very much for a great training session which was very well organized and great fun. The food was superb too and you managed to organize the weather! I can tell you all my colleagues really enjoyed it."
Jumbo Supermarkets - Team Stress Management Training & Development Team Energy Management
The Management Development Team of Jumbo visited us in the spring of 2018 at The Art of Living Well in Den Bosch.

Every quarter, Jumbo organizes an in-depth day for this team. This time, the theme was stress management, energy management and healthy lifestyles. The evening before the training, the group attended a workshop with a nutritionist where they also cooked together and consciously started to work with nutrition.

Mind5® gave sports-based workshops on stress and energy management, with ample time in between for theory, reflection and discussion. The subjects of nutrition and vitality were also discussed, and we considered how behaviour changed when you experience stress. Using examples from top sport, business and politics, the question of "how far do you have to go to reach the top, and what things do you have to do and not do?" was raised.

The conversation was about norms, values, sacrifices and commitment. Together with the Korn Ferry trainer, participants had an open discussion and gave each other feedback on their performance.

The training took place from 10 am until 4 pm. In addition to the training sessions and the location, Mind5® provided an extensive healthy lunch on our roof terrace, in which we explained the choice of our ingredients and the influence of food on your mental and physical performance level.

The workshop lasted 6 hours and took place at our head office in Den Bosch.
Connekt - Team Stress Management Training and Cooperation within a Competitive Setting
This foundation underwent major change, resulting in employees experiencing a high workload. The culture was harmonious, but there was also irritation and misunderstanding, with various steps in the field of assertiveness lacking.

During a mental-physical team training on the beach, on the themes of stress management and cooperation within a competitive setting, we had the team members work together under pressure. During this, they had to indicate their limits and describe to the group which cooperative processes were taking place.

Together with a performance psychologist, we observed and analyzed the behavior (including that of the management team). Afterwards, we sent a report to the management team who read the findings to all colleagues. The reactions were very positive, because Mind5® was able to put its finger on the sore spot. This ensured that the discussion about this topic started and that the employees dared to discuss it together.

Connekt was impressed by the observations we were able to make in such a short space of time and together they started to create more openness and clarity within the team.

The training took place from 7 to 12 am on the beach in 's-Gravensande. In addition to the training, Mind5® provided accommodation for the night, three tipi tents and an extensive healthy breakfast.

“Good and intensive session provided by Mind5®. Roelien and Sandra managed to come up with sharp observations in a five-hour session that helped us as a team. In addition, the care of tipi tents and a healthy breakfast were also well arranged.”
Ministry of Education, Culture and Science - General Mind5® Workshop for Policy Staff
During Prinsjesdag (Prince’s Day) 2017, a team from the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science wanted to follow a Mind5® training programme in the Fokkerhal on the themes of stress and energy management. The activity was allowed to include movement and interaction, but the participants had to be able to attend in smart clothing. Additionally, a visually impaired colleague wished to participate in the training.

We interspersed cooperation assignments with moderately intensive forms of exercise, visualization exercises, examples from top sports and business life and theory from sports psychology.

For example, the participants had to estimate how much information they could collect about their colleagues in a certain amount of time, while they had to perform physical assignments. The colleague with a visual impairment also fully participated because we were able to describe all examples, theories and assignments both visually and audibly.

This workshop lasted 3.5 hours and took place in The Hague.