Are you a changemaker who thinks outside of the box?

Are you someone who often needs to make important decisions under pressure and bear the responsibility of setting an example and leading change?

We will help you make impactful change and thrive under pressure

Change management Mind5
  • Take control of change management and leadership transformation.
  • Identify why things go wrong during the process of change management and leadership transformation.
  • Be able to fix small details quickly instead of implementing something completely different again. 
  • ​Spark behavioral change with your colleagues, employees and stakeholders.
  • ​Become unconsciously competent in using the principles of performance management.

We have a pool of highly trained and experienced change consultants 
who are experts in behavioral change

We combine this knowledge with practical application in sustainability, HR, diversity, employee wellbeing, process management, event management, supply chain management, financial management, marketing and branding, business scaling, and entrepreneurship. 

We also collaborate with experienced consultants and industry leaders to apply our knowledge in practice within a range of additional areas.   

You want to be in control whilst knowing that you’re on the right track. 
But where do you start?
You might feel that you have a different perspective than those around you and it can be difficult to communicate your ideas to other people, especially those who also have an influence on the things you want to change. Where do you start?

We can help!
Do you want to focus on making change happen, but don’t have time to figure out all the details? And are you looking for a proven method and a sparring partner who you can rely on during the process of change? 

We'll be your coach on the sideline!
Who are Mind5?

Founded in 2016 in The Netherlands, operating across the globe. 

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How can we help?

I’m considering making a change in 
my life or in the lives of others, but don’t know where to start.

1. Check out our blog.
2. Join our 5 day course 
about the stress that comes 
with change.

I’m ready to make impactful 
change and I’m looking for 
a proven method.

1. Watch our 30 minute free training. 
2. Book a demo and speak 
with one of the creators 
of the program. 

I’m looking for a sparring partner who can help me spark change and bring me or my organization to the next level. 

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