Changemaker Interview #1 

with Chris Hornibrook

August 2020 
If we want to create change, we need to see the bigger picture. That’s why we’ll be sharing weekly interviews with changemakers from around the world. Lets collaborate and get inspired! 
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Introducing Chris
Written by Roelien Piron
Chris lives in Sherbrook, Quebec where he works as an Executive Coach/ Talent manager. He thrives on helping leaders make successful, life-enhancing transformations. Chris works with individuals, couples and executive teams. He is also the former Head Coach for Bishop's University Women's Soccer Program. 

I met Chris last summer on a video call and I realised pretty quickly that this guy is a real changemaker. He has a huge heart and over the past year we’ve gotten to know each other better, especially through his participation in The Optimal Performance Leader Program. 

He was so excited to get started; he loved our energy and we felt instantly connected!  

Although we’ve never met it feels like I have a good friend on the other side of the ocean. The next time I get a chance to be in Canada, we are definitely meeting up! (Hopefully in the winter - Chris is a massive winter sports lover and I’m a former skier).  

Here’s what he shared with us: 
1. The world is constantly changing. In the past we created systems that might not fit our current needs anymore. What do you get frustrated with and at the same time energized by to make impactful change? 

My biggest frustration is when people resist change and fight it with so much wasted energy. I also need to recognize this resistance to change within myself first and not judge others too. I love the word “grace.” In today’s world, we need to take care of our self care needs too, and not be so hard on ourselves emotionally. “To err is human, to forgive is Divine.”

2. Making long-lasting change isn’t easy. How do you take small steps that lead to big change?

“Baby steps”. Initial momentum is so important in the change process. People need to experience small, incremental change before attempting the bigger changes.

3. With change comes stress, uncertainty and also resistance. How do you deal with the stress that comes with change?

I present stress as a positive “life” changing opportunity. Gaining new insights into stressful life events is growth producing. I once coached a university women’s soccer club through a change process, including replacing me as the head coach. The model of change is accepting what we can and cannot control.

4. Who would you like to connect with to help you make real impactful change?

I try to connect monthly with positive life coaches I associate with. My spouse is also my best change coach. She is my best friend and we work together to raise 5 children.

5. If people want to support you in your mission, how can they connect and contribute?
I think zoom is great, plus the occasional meeting on the golf course, bike trail, pub or pitch. I love playing sports and connecting with people through physical activity. I know that’s why I am a big fan and supporter of Mind5.
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